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UP: Beyond the Visible

The fruits of political path for Dalit Bahujans, set by Manyawar Kanshiram, have certainly been achieved to an extent. Having said that, it is also true that persecution of Dalits and Muslims in UP are on the headlines every now and then. Caste system, driven by Brahmanical social order, is still pervasive in most parts of UP and not all Dalit Bahujans are able to break out of its oppressive structures.

Raiding the dissent: Thunderbolt atrocities in Aralam farm

Why has Airport Authority of India excluded 58 Dalit families from Land Compensation & Rehabilitation?

58 Dalit families who were thrown out of their homes in 2007 are back on the streets to demand the original land-for-land compensation that was promised but never delivered even after 9 years. They have set-up an indefinite dharna right outside the Airport Authorities Office, next to Rajiv Bhavan – the Civil Aviation Ministry. It has been 60 days since they are holding vigil and haven’t received a fair hearing from the airport officials.

Suffocation and Stigma. The Ugly Truth of Manual Scavenging in India