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“Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism” An Interview with Arundhati Roy

We ourselves live in a pretty sick society that seems incapable of feelings of sisterhood, brotherhood, solidarity

An Email interview with Arundhati Roy

DC: How do we support the movement in the US and how does one show solidarity with people protesting in India?

I’m assuming that you mean the massive protests that have erupted over the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd—the latest in a series of killings of African Americans by white American police. I would say that the best way of supporting that movement is to understand where it comes from, first of all. The history of slavery, racism, the civil rights movement—its successes and failures. The crude as well as subtle ways in which African Americans in North America are brutalized, incarcerated, disenfranchised within the framework of “democracy”. And to understand the role that the majority of the Indian community in the US has played in all of this. Who has it traditionally aligned itself with? The answers will tell us a lot about our own society. We can only support that really grand show of rage across cultures and communities that is happening there, if we address our own values and actions with some degree of honesty. We ourselves live in a pretty sick society that seems incapable of feelings of sisterhood, brotherhood, solidarity…

DC: Are the ideologies and practices of the Ku Klux Klan in the US and the caste Hindus organising cow vigilantes in India, similar?

Of course there are similarities. The difference is that the Ku Klux Klan had a somewhat different sense of theatre when they conducted their killings. Like the RSS today, in its time, the Klan used to be amongst the most influential organizations in the US. Its members had penetrated all public institutions including the police and the judiciary. Klan killings were never just killings—they were ritual performances meant to convey terror and teach lessons. This is as true of the lynching of Black people by the KKK as it is of the lynching of Dalits and Muslims by Hindu vigilantes.  Remember Surekha Bhotmange and her family? Of course Surekha Bhotmange and George Lloyd are very different people with different struggles. She and her family were massacred by people from her own village. The cop Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd with a great sense of theatre. He had one hand in his pocket and his knee on Floyd’s neck. He had help. He had other cops keeping guard. He had an audience. He knew he was being filmed. He did it anyway. Because he believed he had protection and impunity. At the moment White supremacists and Hindu supremacists both have sympathisers (to put it politely)—occupying high office. So both are on a roll.

DC: We see Indians trending #blacklivesmatter but in this very country we find continuous attacks on Blacks? How do Indians see Blacks or what stereotype do  we Indians have of them?

Look at the Indian obsession with fair skin. It is one of the most sickening things about us. If you watch Bollywood movies you’d imagine India was a country of white folks. Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism. It’s unbelievable. I’ve seen it happen on the streets when I’ve been with Black friends. And sometimes it comes from people whose skin colour is really no different! Rarely have I been so enraged and ashamed. That racism has manifested in outright attacks. In 2014, soon after the Aam Aadmi Party won a massive mandate in the Delhi elections, the Law Minister Somnath Bharti led a group of people on a midnight raid, a group of Congolese and Ugandan women were physically attacked and humiliated in Khirki for being involved with “immoral and illegal activities”. In 2017 African students were attacked and beaten by a vigilante mob in Greater NOIDA, charged with selling drugs. But racism in India is vast and varied. Who can forget the BJP Member of Parliament Tarun Vijay’s defense of racism after the NOIDA attack— “If we were racist, why would the entire South — you know the Tamils, you know Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra — why do we live with them?” Why do they live with us? He should tell us black South Indian folks. I’d like to know his reasons.

DC: When African Americans argue #blacklivesmatter, Asians argue #asianlivesmatter and whites argue #alllivesmatter…

That is a sly way of draining the politics out of what is being said by resorting to meaningless truisms. Asians and Whites are not being murdered, incarcerated, disenfranchised and impoverished in the US in the way African Americans are. Ever since slavery in the US ended there has been a concerted effort to violently hobble, hold down and enslave African Americans in other ways that appear to fit into the social contract and legal framework of a democracy. The international story of American Imperialism and war—the genocide in Vietnam, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan is a separate story… I don’t think that is what #asianlivesmatter and #alllivesmatter are referring to.

DC: When Dalits say #dalitlivesmatter, does it not appropriate and undermine the struggle of Black people over centuries? Is the #dalitlivesmatter movement above racism? 

Casteism and racism though they have different histories, are not different except that casteism claims some kind of divine mandate. So I think to say that #dalitlivesmatter appropriates the struggle of Black people over centuries is a bit harsh. I think it is an attempt to make common cause and to seek solidarity and some of the light from Black Lives Matter, a movement that by the very fact that it is taking place in the US, is more powerful, more visible than any other. In India, casteism has flown under the radar of international scrutiny for so long—a Project of Unseeing, helped along by even the best known, most respected intellectuals and academics.

Having said that—nobody is above racism. It takes different forms in different places. In South Africa for example, there is xenophobia from Black South Africans towards Nigerians and Africans from other African countries. And as we know, caste oppression, Brahminism, is practiced by every caste that oppresses the caste below it and that goes all the way down the ladder even within the political category of ‘Dalit’ as you yourself have experienced in your own struggles. Stare at anything long enough and it will always turn out to be more complicated than the rhetoric around it. But rhetoric is important. It provides a framework for people to organize their thoughts.

DC: Why are Blacks still stereotyped as drug peddlers, savages and cannibals in the India psyche and thereby in the Indian news and entertainment media?

Because we are a racist culture. Last year I saw a Malayalam film called Abrahaminde Santhathikal (The Sons of Abraham). The vicious, idiot-criminal villains were all Black Africans—and of course they were decimated by the Malayali superhero. There isn’t a community of Africans in Kerala—so the filmmaker imported them into a piece of fiction in order for this racism to be played out! This is not a State atrocity. This is society. This is   people. Artists, filmmakers, actors, writers—South Indians who are mocked by North Indians for their dark skins in turn humiliating Africans for the very same reason. It’s like falling into a borewell with no bottom.

DC: Gandhi’s statue has been vandalised in the US protests, what could be the reason?

It’s hard to know. News reports say that the statue was vandalized and graffiti sprayed on it. But the photographs show the statue wrapped up, so one doesn’t know what the graffiti was. Was it part of the series of vandalization of Gandhi statues in Ghana and other countries done by people who are aware of Gandhi’s racist comments against Black Africans during his time in South Africa and his position on caste in India? Or was it done by people who wanted to express their disgust at the Indian Prime Minister and his great demonstrations of love for Trump… Howdy Modi, Namaste Trump etc. I don’t really know. It’s also true that many protestors tweeted photos of Gandhi as the source of  their inspiration, their teacher and mentor in the tactics on non-violent civil disobedience. So Gandhi is present on those streets in many avatars.

university of Ghana
university of Ghana

DC: Why does the Indian government sponsor constructing Gandhi statues – the present statue was sponsored by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and many more statues in different African countries? The very Indian state promotes Gandhi statues abroad but in India it has the largest militarized zone and Indian society has  become more does one understand this?

Gandhi, for good or for bad, is India’s greatest export.  His message of non-violence has always sat very snugly with the Indian Government’s easy ability to resort to extreme violence and militarism in almost every part of this country. For them Gandhi is a tool. A utility. A smokescreen. Teargas maybe. Even socially, intellectually—to call oneself Gandhian does not seem to contradict the ease with which people— dominant castes—accept and practise caste, a system that we know can only continue to exist in a climate which permanently threatens violence—egregious physical violence— against transgressors. The hypocrisy goes unnoticed.

DC: Many Indians are sharing and celebrating the BLM movement pulling down the statue of the slave trade owner Edward Colston in Briston. But in India, we have Manu’s statue installed in front of the Rajasthan High Court and many more symbols that encourage casteism like “Brahmins only” houses ”. Yet we never show the slightest interest in even rejecting them, let alone pulling them down – what are your comments on this? 

We live in a casteist, Hindu Nationalist State. We are very far away from the day when statues like these will be removed or pulled down. We are at the stage when they are being installed and celebrated. And sadly, even people who were once part of radical movements like the Dalit Panthers have joined hands with these new Rulers. The uprising we are seeing in the US today is the result of years of organizing, fighting, memorializing, of poetry, art, music, literature that has made the story of African Americans told by themselves, a living breathing presence that a new generation of Americans across the racial divide feel shame and fury about. This display of solidarity is an amazing thing.

DC: Do you think the lockdown and other state of exception acts in India were right measures to fight covid-19? Or were they hasty decisions, which have thrown the lives of so many into total havoc? Also, what is your opinion about the sudden “reopening/unlock” now?

The first Covid-19 case in India was reported on January 30th. Even after the WHO announced it was a pandemic on March 11th, the Ministry of Health said it was not a health emergency.  When they should have shut international airports and quarantined international passengers they did not. Perhaps this was because Trump was coming. He arrived in the last week of February. Thousands of people flew in from the US to Mumbai and Ahmedabad to attend the Namastey Trump rally which hundreds of thousands attended. Now those two cities battered by Coronavirus. Is it a coincidence? How does one justify the stigmatization of the Tablighi Jamaat and the glorification of Namastey Trump? Instead of starting at the top, quarantining the Flying Classes the Government waited. And so the working classes paid the price. When the lockdown was announced with four hours’ notice there were 545 cases and 10 deaths. It was a cut-and-paste lockdown, imported from Italy and Spain who did it to impose “social distancing”. The calamity that this complete absence of planning has led to is a Crime Against Humanity. In India only the elite could physically distance themselves. The poor were physically compressed. In slums, in tiny homes, in unauthorized colonies. While Operation Vande Bharat flew Indians stranded in foreign countries home, millions of desperate working class people stranded in cities with no shelter, food or money, and no transport, began walking thousands of kilometres home to their villages. Hundreds of thousands were forcibly held in quarantine camps and then allowed to leave, jammed in buses and trains, carrying the virus with them. It showed that the Prime Minister, cunning as he is about how to win elections, has no clue about the country he runs. No clue, massive pride, no attempt to seek expert opinion. He locked down 1.38 billion people with four hours notice. Why? How? Because he could. Because everybody—politicians, bureaucrats, business people, industrialists and even his own colleagues in the BJP— is terrified of the consequences of speaking up. Everybody’s brains are either frozen with fear or preoccupied by how to please him, how to win favour.So we allowed him to destroy our country. To hammer us on both ends.

All through the lockdown the number of cases rose sharply. Now that the graph is like a steep rock cliff—we have over 200,000 cases—and the economy has collapsed completely, they have lifted the lockdown. Fortunately, a great majority of patients appear to be asymptomatic and the death toll is much lower than in the US and Europe—if we can trust the numbers. But millions are out of work. Hunger is setting in. What is happening in those villages that people have returned to? Casteism, feudalism, sexism… in moments of such fear, despair and want how will people manage?

But Modi still wants to buy Rafale fighter jets and spend twenty thousand crores on redesigning Delhi’s central vista—to leave an architectural legacy, I imagine. In the meantime, he will leave the management of the disaster to State Governments who he never consulted before locking down, but will now blame for the chaos.

He and his slave-ish media will sell this double-disaster to people as an achievement on his part. They’ve already started with their 72,000 LED screen virtual election campaign in Bihar. While people starve they have money for this. Already the narrative is quickly being shifted back to communalism. Now students from Jamia Milia Islamia and JNU who were brutally attacked by police and Hindutva thugs inside their universities are being arrested as conspirators in the Northeast  Delhi violence, primarily an attack by Hindu vigilante mobs backed by police on Muslims! This is the Delhi version of Bhima-Koregaon. Between the two some of India’s best lawyers, activists, teachers and intellectuals are in jail. On crazy charges. As someone said, Modi can sell a comb to a bald man. If we buy it, we deserve it. We can keep combing our hairless heads, like fools.

DC: The government itself has introduced the Digital India project to “harness digital technologies” for “rapid economic growth and citizen empowerment”. The Aarogya Setu App and the MyGovCoronaHub have been introduced as part of this project. In your opinion, what exactly does the Indian state mean by harnessing digital technologies? Who constitutes the Indian citizen that it means to empower and in what ways? And who does it exclude, even if notionally, a majority of them are citizens?

The projected number of smartphone users in India by 2022 is projected to be 440 millon. That’s less than a third of the projected population. And now even children are expected to have smartphones for online learning. So these great plans for digital India exclude a majority of the population. The Apps you mention.. they have been introduced even though they are still half-baked and imperfect. This Bill Gates type of approach that believes technology, AI, etc. will solve the massive problems of health, education and poverty are dangerous. We need political solutions. Injustice, hunger, neo-racism, neo-Casteism, Islamophobia and ecological destruction are coded into neo-liberal Capitalism project. Apps and pretend-digital efficiency can’t and won’t solve the problem. Those are meant to stitch us into the Privatised Capitalist Surveillance State. 

DC: Recently, Devika, a Dalit student committed suicide because she did not have the means to access online education, a mode that the Kerala government was trying to regularise. Technology, historically, has been considered a means to democratise society. However, in India, technology has become an occasion to further marginalise and exclude, as we see in the case of Devika, online education, etc. How can we handle this contradiction, in our specific context?

I think I have answered most of this question in reply to your previous question. Online education could become a disaster for children who come from non-privileged backgrounds. Devika killed herself because she saw herself falling into a deep well of exclusion. Because she did not have a smartphone and her family was too poor to repair the TV set. There are millions like her. But even for those who have smartphones—schools and university campuses and all that goes on outside of classrooms are just as important for young people as what goes on inside classrooms. Dalit, Adivasi and now increasingly Muslim students face great adversity in school and college campuses. But those battles must be fought. By all of us. Isolating ourselves online will be the most dangerous thing that can happen in our society. I deeply fear this idea of online education taking root—Governments that have long desired to disinvest from education and privatize it will try and take this route. We cannot allow it.

DC: Recently, you along with many international activists and academics launched an initiative called Progressive International. We already had Left internationalism and Black internationalism.., etc. But most of these attempts were disintegrated and somehow political imaginations are also nationalized and ethnicised. How will progressive internationalism move forward in the context of national populism and complete failure of world systems?

International initiatives are important. Because they give us perspective, understanding, a modicum of protection and paths of solidarity. Particularly now when in countries like ours, the political rhetoric is this ugly Hindu Nationalism. But internationalism cannot and must not ever replace local organizing and protest. That would be a big mistake. We have to fight our battles, and for the most part we will be alone. Nobody can help us.

DC: Global resistance movements are now demanding more radical and systemic change rather than gradual reformist optimistic actions. How do you see this in the Indian context where Hindu liberal secular public intellectuals still stress on their optimistic reformist political agenda under a Hindu Nazi Regime?

The short answer to that is that it is rare for people who have social/economic/intellectual stakes in the status quo to make revolution. They might want some re-painting or new plumbing. A little tweaking and tucking will do—but nothing more. So they keep the faith while almost every public institution in India fails the test of justice, egalitarianism and democracy. Many would flinch at your categorisation of this current regime as a Hindu Nazi Regime. But the fascist belief in the Master Race is not so distant from Brahminism and the concept of Bhudeva—of Brahmins being Gods on Earth. It’s not hard to see how the idea that some human beings are inherently superior or inferior to others by divine mandate slides easily into the fascist idea of a Master Race.

DC: In the ongoing anti-NRC-CAA-NPR movement, we are seeing how  the Constitution and the Indian National flag are being foregrounded. Our question is specifically about the Constitution. Do you feel that the Constitution is being used to divert from the main Dalit-Bahujan-Muslim question in that it does not allow us to centre the identities of those who are at the frontlines of the movement? What according to you would be the implications of this?

Well this is complicated. For a set of very good reasons, people are being forced to paint themselves into a corner. The Indian Constitution of which Dr. Ambedkar was chair of the drafting committee is a document that was far ahead of its time given the condition of the society it was drafted for. It was the first time in India that morally and legally it was laid down in law that all human beings are equal and have equal rights. For a society as diverse as us in India, and one that practices caste— in which everybody, up and down the ladder except the very top and very bottom, has someone to oppress and someone to be oppressed by—this idea of equality, of constitutional morality was HUGE. For Dalits in particular it has become a Holy Book. Frozen in time. Ironically, Ambedkar himself was deeply disappointed by many aspects of the Constitution and believed that it should be a living document, that every generation ought to work towards improving it. But the need to protect it against constant attack by the Hindu Right has meant that the demands to change the Constitution were not progressive but regressive. So we have had to rally around it, to protect it. Those defending it, particularly now with the RSS in power have had to resort to a kind of Constitutionalism. 2019 was a shocking year. The blatant violation of the Constitution by abrogating Kashmir’s special status and enacting the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act implies that rather than re-write it and formally declare India a Hindu Nation, this government is going to just disregard it and behave as though we don’t have a Constitution at all. The demonization of Muslims as anti-National Pakistan sympathizers and terrorists, the vicious, dehumanizing language used against them by the mainstream media, the bias in courts and in police action and the outright bloodletting on the streets has meant that the only way protesting Muslims feel they can protect themselves on the street is to wave the Indian flag and recite the preamble of the Constitution. While Muslims are boycotted socially and economically, while mainstream TV channels openly broadcast #coronajehad and #humanbombs, while we hear horror stories of Muslims being denied medical care, both during the CAA protests as well as after Corona hit us, Kapil Mishra of the BJP struts around and Anurag Thakur who led the chant “Desh ke Gaddaron ko, Goli maaro saalon ko” is the Minister of State for Finance and sits beside the Finance Minister at her Press Conferences. It’s a kind of brazen public signalling. From the very top. Can we ever forget the sight of Faizan who had a police lathi shoved down his throat and lay on the road dying slowly, while the police forced him to sing the National Anthem? Can you imagine what would have happened if that had been done to an African American in the US? Where is our shame? Anyway, to answer your question about constitutionalism, in India, who is allowed to protest, who is allowed to say what, depends on their religion, caste, ethnicity and gender. There is no such thing here as equality—not even a hint of the idea of equality. Not even a pretence of it. This is what curses us as a country—intellectually, socially and economically. There is nothing more liberating, more exhilarating than striving for justice, for dignity and respect—for everybody. To do that we have to look through the prisms of class, caste, gender as well as sectarianism. This applies as much within resistance movements as it does to the forces we are up against. Until we learn that, we will remain forever stunted.

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  1. I have good/bad news for all of you commenters including the interviewer and interviewee. There is good, bad, sweetness and ugliness in all human beings. It is the nature of the mind. The vital necessity has always been to investigate deeply and sincerely the nature of the mind that we are slaves to. Therein lies the understanding of and answer to all these ills that we are faced with or wallow in from the cradle to the grave. Discover and revel in the phrase “We are one”. Make it an actuality so we may all live in a fearless Peace.

  2. In India there’s no extremely white or back people to do racism, people comes with different shades of brown like light or dark, discrimination exists here oly upon status or money, if u are poor and dark they call u names and ugly, if you are rich and dark they call u beautiful best example priyanka when she was from middle class struggling days they called her brown now when she earns million they call her Asian beauty this shows how cheap mindser we own

  3. In India there’s no extremely white or back people to do racism, people comes with different shades of brown like light or dark, discrimination exists here oly upon status or money, if u are poor and dark they call u names and ugly, if you are rich and dark they call u beautiful best example priyanka when she was from middle class struggling days they called her brown now when she earns million they call her Asian beauty this shows how cheap mindser we own

    1. Europeans (White People) usually cannot differentiate between the skin tones of Africans (Blacks) and Indians (BrownBlack). If Indians do not like Africans then is that akin to the pot calling the kettle black?

  4. My name is Blacky. (I come from ST (Kurumbar) but Tamil Nadu govt kept in MBC)
    I had lived in Sweden. When I have shared a room with an SC guy. He always talks about periyarism and ambetkarism. The guy is a brown skin tone. I am looking like a dark black.
    How this guy is behaving See, a middle East girl and Somalian girl were walking across the ground.
    A middle East girl was wearing a dress like western culture and smoking a cigarette.
    A Somalian girl was dress like decently following her culture.
    This guy was telling how that girl was smoking, dressing sense and see that Nigro girl How she looks. these people job is stealing something and make violence.
    Why Swedes are allowing these people I don’t know Then, I was supporting people. Me: Bro they are following Swedes culture. What’s wrong in this. They don’t try to kill you and don’t cross your line.
    Don’t judge them. If I said about normal crow but the darker crow is suffering. They were labelled me a worst. Me: I can tell one example If your daughter is walking around like this and me like a guy is teaching to them. What you will do. He felt guilt and how you link with my daughter in this incident. I said this what I use to teach people. Try to learn, how to behave and how to talk 
    How to be a kind human. Then you bother about castismWhat’s wrong in this.

      1. I appreciate your comments but I would like to add a few comments.
        1. I am a Bengali Bramhin from Kolkata. I have never come accross any Dalit for never new who are Dalits, we do not have Dalits in Kolkata to discriminate. I however discriminated people of being poor and illeterate but not as Dalit. We have lower caste people in Kolkata both in West Bengal and from other state but I never knew what lower caste means and I never been treated like that anywhere in India. I think why most Indian people and else where in the world despise black people and black Indians are because most of them I come across are criminal or so minded people with ego to be avoided. They are Just in general low life people.

  5. Well, I have heard about Arundhati Roy, a so called educated philosopher, who never loved her nation but loves to speak about nation. She quite nicely uses freedom of speech and expression.
    Well, I disagree with this uneducated filthy person.
    Because you are biased, you never speak about all issues.
    Do speak about
    The Koregaon incident, the incidents where the so called oppressed get on streets and break down the nation, you won’t speak about the way harsh reservation system in India which US doesn’t has, you won’t speak how in India people are given jobs by seeing their caste and you tell that Indian society is like this.

    You won’t speak of the dalit family given first chance to worship ram mandir among common citizens.

    You won’t speak about the goodness, but all you do create a big border among Indians and thats how you earn money.

    I have seen rich dalits using RESERVATIONS, why don’t you go and ask them about their morals.
    And you say we are racist,
    Well still, we live together in the same nation and whenever in India people say someone is black, they take it as fun.

    Well, even the same family members have black and white members in India, A rare thing in our nation and even the parents, the friends call the black people of India as Kalua, kalu and they even say it as fun.

    Even lord Rama and Lord Krishna were black in our mythology.

    But Indians praise them.
    God kali is praised by Bengalis who are usually white in colour.

    And many south Indians are black, whats wrong in that.
    Even RajniKant is black, some villans are black.
    Just like Africa is known as a black dominant continent so is our south India.

    Well America has far worse things than what you say,
    They run for physical features, the plastic surgery is most used in US.

    They wanna get tanned, get gold skin, etc.

    And the Dalits which you protect too much usually get on roads when even Reservations is being talked about.

    When Ews reservations was being given, they came on roads because they don’t want others to progress.
    Go and speak of RESERVATIONS system of India in America, you will see how they react.

    Dalits who have population of 15% are given RESERVATIONS of around same percent.
    So this means if you’re a dalit you are sure to get everything you want.
    We Indians even are ready to lower the quality of our education just to support the poors but still you talk shit.

    Go and ask way the dalit leaders like Kanhiya kumar support terrorists.
    But you won’t

    Because you just the bad in the people, you never see good through it.

    Beauty is in the eyes of observer and you don’t have it

    1. Over 1,500 years ago, the Gupta emperors ruled large parts of India. They helped consolidate the nation, but they also popularized India’s caste system, making it socially unacceptable for people to marry outside their castes. This ancient history hinted at in various linguistic, archaeological and genetic studies has been confirmed by a path-breaking genetic study recently published.

      Researchers from the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) at Kalyani, West Bengal, analysed DNA samples of 367 unrelated Indians belonging to 20 population groups. These covered castes from different parts of India, and most large tribal populations from central and Northeastern India. Also included were samples from two Andaman & Nicobar tribes.

      India’s present diverse population arose from five types of ancient populations that freely mixed and interbred for thousands of years.

      It was earlier believed based on similar studies that Indian ancestors were from only two populations – Indo-European (ANI), Dravidian (ASI). But this study has been able to provide evidence that four ancestral stocks contributed to the genetic diversity of present-day Indians – Indo-European (ANI), Dravidian (ASI), Tibeto-Burman (north-east India) and Austro-Asiatic (fragmented in east and central India; spoken exclusively by the tribals). A fifth ancestral lineage that is dominant among the Negrito tribals (Jarawa and Onge) of Andaman and Nicobar Islands was also identified by the scientists.

      The study compared genetic sequences from Indian samples with those from Central Asia, West Asia, China and adjacent regions to trace how humans first arrived in India.
      What the study also unearthed was the deep imprint of a significant social cultural process in Indian society. It found that interbreeding between communities `abruptly’ ended around 70 generations ago, which translates to about 1,575 years ago, sometime in the 6th century. It coincided with the period when the Gupta Empire ruled India. This period had seen the consolidation and supremacy of the caste system, entrenched through the sanction of scriptures as well as enforcing mechanisms of the rulers.

  6. Mam you are right I am brown skinned and a brahmin but I had never been praised because of my colour even my family compares me with my younger sister (an 8 year kid) as she is fair complexioned.

  7. You are missing the Theological and Historical basis for the anti-black and anti-African bias of the Hindoo. Gandhi is just 1 man.

    Hindoos and Indians, by extension , are anti-black anti-african, by genetic, ideological and theological design.

    The Southern Indians – also called Sudroids,are offspringed from the Negroids of Africa..Indian History records that several Abyssinian sunni slaves,from Nigeria and Ethiopia,came to India as slaves and then became soldiers,and thereafter became kings who ruled over Bengal,The Deccan and Central India for centuries.dindooohindoo

    The Indians are ashamed about this – when they see Africans in their nation – as this part of their history is not taught,in any Indian History – Educational Book !

    Abyssinian Muslim slave kings also trained “so called gurerilla fighters”, who later became kings – like Shivaji.This is also a fact that Hindoos refuse to acknowledge -as it shames them.

    Hindoos state that Rama of Ramayana was a fair skinned blue eyed god.In reality,as per the Ramayana, Rama was a black skinned man (as stated below) whose wife ran off and was in love with another african,who was the king of Lanka – called Ravana.

    Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya

    Chapter[Sarga] 2

    तेषामायाचितं देव त्वत्प्रसादा त्समृद्ध्यताम् |
    राममिन्दीवरश्यामं सर्वशत्रुनिबर्हणम् || २-२-५३
    पश्यामो यौवराज्यस्थं तव राजोत्तमाऽअत्मजम् |

    “Oh best of kings, Dasaratha ! We shall see Rama adorned with princely kingdom. Your son Rama has the complexion of a black lotus flower and annihilates all his enemies. Let the wish of the people be fulfilled by your grace.

    Rama’s wife spent 12 years with Ravana – and produced 2 kids – Luv and Kush.The Kushites of Africa claim lineage from Kush (Ravana was a Black man and Kush was Black)

    This is a source of acute discomfort to the Hindoos !

    The fair skinned Indians are the offspring of the Scythians, Sakas, Greeks,Mongols,Mughals,Persians etc who pillaged Indian women, and some stayed back in Hindoosthan and settled with Hindoos,and their own breed.So they are,at best. a mongrel race.

    These fair skinned people wrote the Rig Veda and other vedas, wherein “hate of the black skin” and their “extermination is rationalised,justified,eulogised and celebrated”.Black skinned inhabitants of India in the era of the Rig Veda were called “Dasyus”.

    The Theological Proof

    Black Colour

     “He, much invoked, hath slain Dasyus and Simyus, after his wont, and laid them low with arrows.The mighty thunderer with his “fair-complexioned friends” won the land, the sunlight, and the waters.” (Rig Veda I:100:18.Rg.V.III.34.9)

     The ancient singer praises the god who “destroyed the Dasyans and protected the Aryan colour.”

     Indra is praised for “killing thousands” of the “abject tribes of Dasas”, with his arrow and taking great vengeance,with “murdering weapons.” (Rig Veda IV:28:3-4)

     The sacrificer poured out thanks to his god for “scattering the slave bands of black descent”, and for stamping out ” the vile Dasyan colour.” (Rg.V. II.20.7, II.12.4 ] Rg.V.I.130.8)

    As per the Rig Veda, the Dasyus are “fit to be killed” anytime and any where. Sample the Rigveda , as under :

    1.8.65 Mantra 65 – Indra (Author: Pragatha Kanva)

     Indra, both worlds complained to thee when uttering thy fearful roar, What time thou “smotest Dasyus dead”.

    1.8.87 Mantra 87 – Indra (Authors: Krsna Angiras, Dyumnika Vasistha, Priyamedha Angiras)

     For thou art he, O Indra, wiio stormeth all castles of the foe,”Slayer of Dasyus”, man’s Supporter, Lord of Heaven.

    1.8.66 Mantra 66 – Indra (Author: Kali Pragatha)

     The Vrtra-slayer smote them all as “spokes are hammered” into naves:The Dasyu-killer waxed in might

    1.5.29 Mantra 29 – Agni (Author: Gauriviti Saktya)

     Thou slewest “noseless Dasyus”, with thy weapon, and in their home hostile speakers.

    1. “Hindoos and Indians, by extension , are anti-black anti-african, by genetic…”

      Yep, this comment by itself is pretty racist. It’s pretty much the same as saying all Germans are Nazis by birth or that all black skinned people are ‘evil by birth’.

      You aren’t much for speaking sense, are you?

  8. Some opine that I misquote,or quote out of context.Pakistani and Chinese diplomats are aware of the Gospels of the Wise – but the hoi polloi are not.

    Allow me to present the words of the epitome of intellectual genius,in the American Presidency – His Excellency,Richard Nixon.dindooohindoo

    Gospel of Nixon – Chapter 1 Verse 1

    Nixon also calls Indians “most sexless”, “nothing” and “pathetic”, according to the newly declassified White House tapes

    Nixon says to Kissinger “To me, they turn me off. How the hell do they turn other people on, Henry? Tell me.”

    May I present the words of Babar the Great in Babarnama “Hindustan is a place of little charm. There is no beauty in its people, no graceful social intercourse, no poetic talent or understanding, no etiquette, nobility or manliness”

    I would request the reader to note the similarity between Babar and Nixon !

    Gospel of Nixon – Chapter 1 Verse 2

    In November 1971, in the middle of a discussion about India-Pakistan tensions with Kissinger and Secretary of State William Rogers, after Rogers mentioned reprimanding Gandhi, the president blurted, “I don’t know how they reproduce!”

    Nixon was right.This is Hanooman describing the UNDERSIZED VIRILE MEMBRANE OF RAMA !

    Book V : Sundara Kanda –Chapter 35 of the Valmiki Ramayana,Verse 18

    “He is undersized at four places (viz. the neck, membran virile, the back and the shanks)”

    Seeta Maiya also doubted Rama’s virility and sexuality !

    Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya – Chapter 30

    किम् त्वा अमन्यत वैदेहः पिता मे मिथिला अधिपः | राम जामातरम् प्राप्य स्त्रियम् पुरुष विग्रहम् || २-३०-३

    “What my father, the king of Mithila belonging to the country of Videha, think of himself having got as so-in-law you, a woman having the form of a man?”

    May I conclude by quoting the Great Henry Kissinger,as under:

    Kissinger had said Indians are “superb flatterers” and “are masters at flattery. They are masters at subtle flattery. That’s how they survived 600 years. They suck up — their great skill is to suck up to people in key positions.”

    Rama said the same about the Brahmins who were the Diplomats who were dealing with Kissinger and Nixon !

    कच्चिन् न लोकायतिकान् ब्राह्मणामः तात सेवसे |
    अनर्थ कुशला ह्य् एते बालाः पण्डित मानिनः || २-१००-३८

    38. I hope are not honouring the materialistic brahmins, My dear brother! These men are skilled in perverting the mind, ignorant as they are and thinking themselves to be learned.”

    धर्म शास्त्रेषु मुख्येषु विद्यमानेषु दुर्बुधाः |
    बुद्धिमान् वीक्षिकीम् प्राप्य निरर्थम् प्रवदन्ति ते || २-१००-३९

    39. “Reaching to their logical acumen, these men of perverted intellect preach meaninglessly, in the presence of eminent books on righteousness.”

    The Conclusive Lumen Naturale

    Allow me to present the words of His Excellency,His Magnificence Sir Charles Dickens on the “INDIANS”

    “I wish I were Commander in Chief of India. The first thing I would do ……….., should be to proclaim to them in their language, that I considered my holding that
    appointment by the leave of God, to mean that I should do my utmost to EXTERMINATE THE RACE upon whom the stain of the late cruelties rested ……………….,
    which all convenient dispatch and merciful swiftness of execution, to BLOT IT OUT of mankind and RAZE IT off the face of the earth.” – Charles Dickens, in a letter to Baronness Burdett-Coutts on 4 October 1857.

    The readers might note the symmetrical gematria of the words in CAPITAL – EXTERMINATE, BLOT IT OUT and RAZE IT

    And the piece de resistance of Charles Dickens

    “You know faces, when they are not brown; you know common experiences when they are not under turbans; Look at the dogs – low, treacherous, murderous, tigerous villians.” – Dickens on Bharat, in a private letter to Emily de la Rue.

    So the Strategic Forces Command and the Rocket Force of the Pakistani State and the PRC need to read Dickens and then ruminate,marinate,dessicate and then EXTERMINATE

    1. The only racist person I see here is you. Your entire comment is full of racism against Indians, and honestly, you seem like a pretty disgusting person.

  9. “almost worse than white peoples’ racism”.. seems you destroyed your own argument before you’d seldom began. If you REALLY wish to be taken seriously? Then perhaps it’s a good idea to look in the mirror and see your own racist hypocrisy? Have a nice day,

  10. Why do people listen to this women? She is an anti Indian liar, her entire career is built on demonising hindus and India. She does not speak for all Indians infact she is a
    racist and fantasist who peddles lie after lie to an anti hindu audience! There is no system in India where people are treated according to a so called caste, infact people in minority groups are given way more financial and preferential treatment then Indian born Hindus. There are Dalits in power because they are Dalit. Hindu Brahmins on the other hand get no help and infact are attacked by Ms Roys racist famdom which includes christian and muslim indians. Who has taught them to be so violent? Could it be articles like this? Just search mob lynching of Hindu Sadhus, it happened a month after the anti Hindu Delhi riots.

  11. What race was God? Any God? As we all know and love, that God is not of one race or caste, sex, color, or creed. God is God and we are all created in Gods image, which in turn means that God is of all nationalities. I am a “multiracial’ American and I feel love all over and inside of me. From my Nigerian blood to my Irish blood, to my Asian blood, and I feel God in every bit of all of me. Can we please stop the thought process that there is a Superior anything other than God? We shame God in our efforts to divide each other and with that we shame ourselves and our cultures. We are all humans and non are celestial until God ignites that torch inside of us. It doesn’t matter what your exterior features are at all. The only thing that matters is your interior features. If you consider yourself superior, racist, all mighty or anything of the such, then you are darker then darkest color in the spectrum because your heart is untrue! In America I am considered “Black” (which I take offense too because of the origin of the discriminatory word) but under the stars I am considered a human and a child of God. There are more stars in the sky then there are continents on this earth so I consider myself a human and love my fellow man. Thanks to my military assignments, myself and my husband have visited a few other countries outside of America and we are surprisingly the most drawn to India, Ghana, France, and Dubai. Not because of anything other than the fact that we are welcome in those places. Every place on earth has breed ignorance in humanity and it is my greatest prayer that this self destruction is annihilated and we come together to love one another and the mother Earth. NO ONE is above the God ,the law, or their fellow man and those whom believe they are must attempt to reconcile before it is to late for their souls. In Texas, “everything is bigger” so we need to start putting love above it all. Prayers with you all and my advice is to meditate on your love for God and that will guide you to the only right destination. Namaste

    1. Amen sis. You got it on the money. Exactly what I was thinking. I’m a multiracial black as well and I know that God created us all equal. There is God in all of me. God gave so many blessings to each place on Earth, they just can’t see it. Massive bodies of water to sustain life, lots of land and mountains to farm on, a diversity of food yet we make issues out of the one of the most trivial things ever, skin color. It’s such an illogical mindset. I would like to connect with you and pique your brain more. You may pique mine as well lol. I love to speak about God and race and so much more with people on the same wavelength. People who are genuine and would rather love, than hate. Let’s chat via email. Mine is [email protected]. I’m the post email generation, born in the late 90’s so I always thought it would be cool to correspond with a stranger in such manner. I’ve seen plenty movies of friendships being formed like that (Disclaimer: In movies 😂) I’m so corny lol. Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. Admire Arundhati’s articles as usual. As an Indian, I find she always speaks for the downtrodden and the repressive traditions that have permeated Indian society for ages. It is food for thought where century-old evils, injustices and unfair attitudes to the underpriviliged sections of society should be re-evaluated. India has a secular democratic constitution and so long as equality and fairness are denied to the underprivileged, political cronyism, religious fundamentalism and corruption continue remain rooted, a modern India just remains a far cry in the wilderness.

  13. I am an African American woman living in the southern U.S. I find it very hard to like East Indians or Indian Americans because of past interactions with them. As a young college student i worked in retail. The vast majority that I encountered were very condescending and racist. As I’ve matured and learned more of other cultures around the world, I understand how their embedded caste system, religion and white colonialism has impacted them. However, I am astounded that in this day they perpetuate these beliefs.

  14. Miss Roy is a communist writer who mostely support naxelist in many part of India.. she was supported by many Kashmiri terrorist just to speak against India.. she was funded by Pakistan to speak against India… Her most of activities always against India and Hindu culture and influence by communist ideology

    1. RITESH,you are the real naxelite and a terrorist.You are funded by Chinese and Pakistan government to invoke violence and hatred in India.

  15. India is very racist especially towards black people and its strange because Indians go to Africa and they are welcomed into african society but when africans go to India they are treated very poorly. I think more africans should told about this. Maybe africans should start treating Indians in the same way they treat them.

    1. Africans are treated very well in India. It’s not like this lady is saying.
      By the way, Indians were expelled out of Uganda. Google Idi Amin Indians. You have not always treated us well either. Similar thing in ZA.

    1. Haven’t you learned anything. You are compartmentalizing SEMANTICS to support your Alt-Right belief system of ‘Lefty’, SYNONYMOUS WITH, in you racists’ minds, to Black people, non-Nordic White Russians, Feminists, ect,….to continue this facade that ‘IT’S ALL THE WICKED COMMIES FAULT’.

      Democrats and Republicans, to average Blacks, being oppressed, are nothing more than 2 faces…of the SAME COIN.

      The POINT being are that Democrats operate under a strategy of benign neglect while the Republicans are simply more overt with their mess. Essentially a silent, accommodating, less-sincere racist as opposed to a more vocal one.

      In the end BOTH ARE ONE ANTI-BLACK RACIST pillar, holding up the Anti-Black System.

      You Alt-Righters are no different from Kamala Harris or the deceased John Lewis. When you criticize the Left, you are actually critiquing your own reflections.

      There is no Far-Left Conspiracy to take over the world. This is asinine thinking…and a mirage which you Alt-Righters INVENTED.

      YOU ALT-RIGHTERS CREATED THIS ILLUSION OF THIS COMMIE-MARXIST-ZIONIST-NWO-JESUIT SHERBERT ICE CREAM HODGEPODGE OF VARIOUS INTERLOCKING UNRELATED ELEMENTS, so that, like your little ‘war against Muslims’, your collective hatred for Black people, and now the Anti-Chinese rage, you can have your ‘bad guy’ to galvanize your VIOLENT TENDANCIES into yet another White-Supremist Crusade.

      Did you know that Whites CREATED Marxism, Communism, the GLBTQ movements, Feminism,…..but you guys try to play this game of Association in which Non-Whites are implicated as the harbringer of all of these things. Meanwhile, in White households across the nation, that niece, nephew, mother, grandmother, son, uncle, that you sit across from on Thanksgivings and Christmases are involved in organizations which fund and promote these ‘agendas’. Whites created the very things which they hate….but attempt to blame Blacks.

  16. White people are the most racist race ever, there is no denying, they conquered everyone, and when people are attacking each other is because white people left self hate on everyone. Sanjay Awasthi, It is clear you are white lol and you searched an indian name on google to pretend. And white with Sanjay fake name, you wrote that wrong, saying All lives matter to shut down Black People and dalits is the most racist thing ever. That is what you wanted to write.

    1. Why do you come and live in a white country. Instead of complaining go back and live in shitehole where you come from. No body ask you to come in whithe dominated countries’

    2. Why are you being so racist? I’m white. You don’t know me. I think that phrase such as “they (and by that you include me by default) “conquered everyone” show just flawed, and rancid you own hypocrisy is. What if I viewed all black people the same way..agh! That would be racist, wouldn’t it?! Blaming ALL attacks on white people further cements your own delusion. Disagree? Prove you know me personally. You can’t. You won’t. Because just like the likes of METRO newspaper it appears, you seek to bastardise the facts, history and reason in order to concoct your desired narrative. If you’re going to judge me solely on my race then yes, YOU are a racist yourself. An insecure and racist hypocrite who needs to grow up. Good day.

  17. Al miller and annonymous take your racist white ass out of here, just your comments made white people look the opposite of what you wrote. You made white people look like the most racist race ever.

  18. Arundathi does not know a thing.
    The disproportionate incarceration of black people is not the result of systemic racism, but rather of shortcomings within the black community.

    1. Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.
    2. According to Riley, “Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do.”
    3. Black crime is even more prevalent in the country’s largest cities and counties.
    4. There were almost 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks in 2015.
    5. The percentage of blacks arrested for crimes is consistent with police reports.
    6. According to Riley, “Black crime rates were lower in the 1940s and 1950s, when black poverty was higher” and “racial discrimination was rampant and legal.”
    7. According to Mac Donald, “A straight line can be drawn between family breakdown and youth violence.”

    1. The worst BLIND is that one who does not WANT to see.
      Ideology, ignorance and stupidity do that to people. And now we know.

    2. Anonymous, I hope people ignore your rant. When a person hides their true identity one should first assume there is a purpose to tell a lie. Why you do not reveal your name? Is it because you can then be known as a racist? You pull out tropes that support your one-sided lies, for example the most favorite of white racists is the “Black on Black crime” one. Yet you do not speak of the white-on-white crime do you? You pretend whites do not kill whites, at the rate of 89 percent in their perfect, “lilly-white” enclaves that project a life of perfection while fathers and brothers rape their wives, daughters and son, indulge in drugs and alcohol abuse and commit the most suicides, and the list goes on and on. It is always convenient to ignore providing a wide array of information so that the reader can make a determination for themselves, but as most racist must do…you lay a primrose path go your foul conclusions. Open the window the miasma makes one lose consciousness as it Trump swamp stinks to high holy hell here.

    3. Arundhati, intellectually, is light-years beyond you.
      If Blacks are so bad, then how much more worse are Whites: (White Crimes) — 2 World Wars (54 million lives lost in just the 2nd WW), Vietnam War, Korean War, British, Portuguese, and Spanish Colonialism, rape, murder, pillaging, theft, the war in the Middle East, the body count from all of over 70 yrs of CIA meddling, and now the violent Alt-Right clowns begging for Civil War in the States.

      Whose more violent, warlike, cruel, monstrous, criminal………..???? Not Black people.

      White people and White Worshipping Others need to take a look at White Crimes (which are numerous and affect the entire world) before they fix their mouths to say anything about Black people.

      Let’s talk about White WORLDWIDE CRIME.

  19. Whites and particularly American whites are the least racist people in the world. They are a minority of the world and may be extinct in a few hundred years. Pity blacks then especially mixed race blacks. They will look back to our times with great longing.

    1. How do we get here hating one another? As I was reading this piece it felt like America and the current presidency and it gave me a clear picture as to the tearing apart of our educational system keeping us without education is a travesty and will further divide our country.

    2. White genocide is a myth purported by desperate posers whose grip on power is being loosened by the senile rituals of pathetic defeated losers. How much of Al Miller’s DNA is actually white?

    3. Least racist….???

      You’re joking, right?? Remember the 8 yrs of a Black president???? Yeah, I recall a LOT of racist and paranoid Whites.

  20. I agree with the writer that discrimination relating class, caste, gender and sectarianism is very evident in India. As a third generation South African of south Indian heritage, I do feel some prejudice when I disclose my south Indian surname to businessmen in India.
    Also I share another experience… in December 2019, whilst on holiday and shopping at Express Avenue Mall in Chennai, I was refused entry into Trends store by a security lady because I wouldn’t leave my shopping bags at their parcel counter. I didn’t mind the stores policy, so I stood outside, whilst my wife went into the store.
    However, what surprised me a few minutes later, the very same security lady had no objection allowing two white couples to enter the store with shopping bags from another store….when I questioned her double standards position, and why she hadn’t asked the whites to leave their bags at the parcel counter, she just looked at me sheepishly and gesticulated that I could go in to the shop. I guess whites are a privileged class in India.
    These prejudices must be eradicated from Indian society to practice equality, however the so called “affluent class” will continue the “master & servant” ideology.

  21. Everything said here should be taken with a grain of salt. Although I believe Chavin should be held accountable, he has not been convicted of anything yet. So, he is NOT a murderer.

  22. Yes, We are racist. I don’t find any reason to not to be a racist. People work hard, risk their lives to fight wars so that they may move upwards in social strata. Blacks are also doing the same. It is an open fight. I think “Black Life Matters” movement is worst form of racism.

  23. Historical facts are: 1) Slavery was wide spread in the ancient Roman empire. That is where it all began as a socailly “respected” practice. 2) Then it got digested into Bible and later into Qoran, and became the mainstay practices of Abrahamic religions till early 19th century, and 3) the followers of these two “holy” books spread slavery and subjugated the “other” wherever they established colonies in the last 500 years – the Amercas and Africa – or invaded and looted not merely material wealth but men and women also – Islamic invaders raped and took thousands of Indians and sold them as slaves in their Middle East hometurf. It was all sanctioned by their religions. Of course, not only the Whites and Spaniards in the Americas, Europeans also practiced racism and slavery in their home turf for thousands of years. KKK is the remnant of this mindset. Dragging India into this historical Biblical development is nice try in fudging facts the Lenins and Maos of the world are quite good at. If you hate racisim and slavery, first thing you ought to do is face the historical truth, and throw away or burn Bible and Qoran, which today are the inspirational books for all those who supprt hating and exploiting fellow humans. Last but not the least, Marx’ Das Capital is also worth burning – it too preached exploitation of one class to enrich another, and all communist and socialist regimes (USSR, Cuba, Mao’s China, Combodia’s Pol Pot, India’s Naxals, Urban Naxals, etc.) world over proved just that. In my God’sown country Kerala, communist leaders are the largest land owners. Ditto in West Bengal. In all this hurbis of engineered protests and fake anger stemming from Left’s innate hatred to the “other,” this fact is buried: Goerge Floyd was a petty criminal who had a history of law-breaking encounters, whom a White police officer took to task. Liberals have turned a law-and-order matter into race conflct, practicing the same ill of the Bible and Qoran – setting one people aganst another. So this preacher Suzzanne too has blood on her hands.

  24. This is what the white empire has done on a globally. Brainwashing and raping of nations has created people who worship the white man. This was always the intention.

      1. I love Justin’s fragility and his/her use of the phrase “grow up.” I love the way he represents white people being touched by the divine spirit of truth and then rolling on the floor crying like a soccer star. Truly glorious! Please tell Justin to continue his antics!

        1. I pity your own apparent narrow-mindedness. You purposely conflate slur of one person with that of all white people – that’s called racism. Look it up. Maybe grow up a little in the process..

  25. As a south indian, i think north indians are pretty racist. I’m not even a dark skinned person (i’m tamil brahmin so i look like a typical northie), but the fact that i’m from Tamil Nadu made some idiotic “friends” say I was from Sri Lanka. Also, just how north indians view white people is different from south indians. I think here in south india, no one really cares about your race so much, but north indians seem very colour conscious. We even have movies like Rajni’s “kaala” that tries to fight north india’s “black” racism (it’s set in mumbai, but yes even mumbai is north to us)
    Personally, i would prefer to live in south or north-east india than north india for this reason, although i have many cool friends from the north. Not all indians are racist, but there seems to be more of the idiotic racist types up north.

    1. Thank you so for this! Arundhati Roy our world need conversations like this. Thank you too Arvin’s I needed to hear voices like yours. Too many of the RSS types I have experienced. I don’t care about where the beliefs of subjection of another race or class stems from. But I do feel they are unsuitable for certain employment. I do feel they are unfit. I feel with certainty that they always will use their employment to advance themselves by exploitation. This has and will always cause harm and death. I like hearing from you. Even if I just over hear a conversation that I might just giggle to. The RSS ones are unfit here in the US and many are here I am almost 50 years old, my skin is Dark and Lovely and I love my beautiful kinky hair. I

  26. I felt like it would never get better with Indian racism and their total lack of understanding of George Floyd and the crisis but this article makes me feel better.

  27. If the Non Native Americans wouldn’t have list themselves as Asian…lol . They are just as Black as the black Americans maybe they wouldn’t be so bitter…. Your Black! Deal with it and welcome to our world.

  28. Absolutely agree. I am born in Europe, but Indian parents. I have encountered so much racism from my own mother and family in India because of my dark skin. Telling me I am ugly, not good enough, will not find a good husband. Also I know for a fact that they are racist towards black people. In Indian culture, fair skin is promoted in disgusting commercials, where darker Indians cannot find a job, or a love interest, but when they use bleaching cream, all problems are solved. There are so many deeply embedded blatantly racist aspects in Indian culture. The ironic thing is that (white) Westerners are often speaking extremely highly of Indian culture as being peaceful, spiritual (gurus, yoga, meditation), but they do not realize how blatantly racist Indian culture is. And how the majority of the population is not even aware of the racism, as to them it is completely normal to look down on black people (from Africa, or with African heritage), and dark-skinned people with their own culture. I heard some other Asians countries are the same (but I only want to comment on what I know from first-hand experience.

    1. “The ironic thing is that (white) Westerners are often speaking extremely highly of Indian culture as being peaceful, spiritual (gurus, yoga, meditation), but they do not realize how blatantly racist Indian culture is…”

      Allow me to politely disagree. To the extreme CONTRARY and ironically, the very people Indians worship, namely White Westerners, talk so much $h*t about India: 1. India being a $h*thole country. 2. Worshipping cows. … while Whites make jest of Indians, Indians hate Blacks.

  29. Who is DC another White House Bill shit to under mind what really going on A side attack to miss the fact that these cops are killing all around the country and they want to do a what call a trump move to make you look at something else and miss out whst really happening about all of theses killing

  30. I live in RSA, I might be wrong but @ most times one would see an Indian woman dating a White guy, if they “cross” the cultural line. You don’t see them with any other “COLOUR” as often. I could be wrong but reading this article, to me, it all adds up. Very interesting and insightful article, Thank you

    1. Indian people are extremely racist towards black (as in African, or African heritage) people. And even racist towards their own people in case. they are dark-skinned, and not “fair”. When looking for a spouse, skin tone (very fair-fair- wheatish-dark-very dark) is always specified. It is DISGUSTING.

      1. It’s not only that, you will see beautiful Indian women with the most nondescript white guy: a white guy who probably could not obtain any other white woman or at least not one of beauty. In other words, they value whiteness so much, that it is of greater value than anything else regarding that man. Something similar arises when you see a handsome well-built black man with an obese and ugly white woman. You also have Chinese women, who will prefer the lowest of white European men over another Chinese man with looks, athleticism and wealth.

        Such apparent mis-pairings point to the real and very tangible values people place on race. In fact, racial arbitrage is well known. White men of low value in the USA, will travel to east Asia for easy access to local women. Equally, white men in Africa can have harems of local black women. Women can also play this game: low status white women who date exclusively black, partly do this because it gives them more agency or choice than amongst their own race. Equally, western women travel to places like Tunisia and Morocco for the same reason.

        1. You pass as jealous and never got laid… who are you to just who loves who? Not only you sound jealous and without a girlfriend, but also extremely racist. Get a life.

      2. Choice of color of skin, handsome, etc.. are personal choice. Even Girls looks for fair color or is he rich (irrespective of his look) or handsome or etc.. This does not mean, they are racist. Even sometimes they reject white skin as they are not good looking. Before we talk about someone, we need to evaluate ourselves of hating others on different thoughts. Once we know truly, who we are, we start loving others (irrespective of their behavior). Read Shri Ramana Maharshi, “Who am I” book to start.

  31. I have only heard about Mahatma Gandhi’s alleged racism very recently. Is there something I can read about these allegations? I know that Gandhi was a major influence on Reverend Martin Luther King’s non-violent civil rights strategy.

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