Caste in Christianity

In the first conversion which happened in Kerala, a sizable proportion of the mass belonged to the Brahmin caste. Along with the Brahmins, the mass also included people from communities that were deemed to be the lower communities such as the Pulaya community. Despite the conversion to Christianity, caste-based identity politics continued to govern religious discourse. Upper Caste Christians had difficulty in accepting that their newly converted Christians counterparts were equal to them.


Space and Caste: What has changed and what has not? Part 2: Self -Respect

Because this is what I call a “Caste Class” society, for the very reason that one's caste status decides whether one can become an upper class/untouchable class or not. The right of the upper class/caste Hindus is to get unfree labour for their production and to keep their body and space away from ritual purity, while the untouchable class should provide only unfree labour and their only duty is to live for the Caste Hindu class and keep them away anything that would make them ritually impure.

Suffocation and Stigma. The Ugly Truth of Manual Scavenging in India

“Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism” An Interview with Arundhati Roy

we are a racist culture. Last year I saw a Malayalam film called Abrahaminde Santhathikal (The Sons of Abraham). The vicious, idiot-criminal villains were all Black Africans—and of course they were decimated by the Malayali superhero. There isn’t a community of Africans in Kerala—so the filmmaker imported them into a piece of fiction in order for this racism to be played out! This is not a State atrocity. This is society. This is people. Artists, filmmakers, actors, writers—South Indians who are mocked by North Indians for their dark skins in turn humiliating Africans for the very same reason.

Suffocation and Stigma. The Ugly Truth of Manual Scavenging in India