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Why is Elgar Parishad being revived ?

On January 30, several Dalit and progressive organisations, academics and intellectuals will come together in Pune to raise their voices against neo Peshwai, fascist, Brahmanical and patriarchal forces By Elgar Parishad|January 16, 2021 The purpose behind organising the Elgar Parishad this year…

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Peeling Onions; Or, to be Dalit, and Eat

I wish I knew the just way to countering the violence of the archive. When I cut into the onion’s history, should I learn from my father’s generation and look away swiftly, “pare away”, discard my tears, deny them a being? Or,…

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Recipes from my maternal village

Written by Abhijeet Suryawanshi|Nagpur|November 10, 2021 Caste within itself functions as a society where everything right from an attire the group uses to the dialect they speak is distinct. Yes, dialect too. The caste group in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra named Powar…

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The Kerala State Government should publish the community wise data of Government servants- Welfare Party

Media Department, Welfare Party of India, Kerala State Committee|Thiruvananthapuram|November 5, 2020 The hunger strike organized by Welfare Party Kerala state committee, in front of the state Secretariat block, demanded the government to immediately publish community wise data of government servants in various…

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A Commentary: The Discreet Charm of Savarnas

The much-acclaimed short film creates an opportunity for conversations around racial attitudes and cultural misappropriation of political movements Written by D.Jennifer| Delhi| September 30, 2020 If the cityscape hides its casteist visage in its modern appearances, in its cafés, living rooms, sophisticated…

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The Lies That Divide Us

Written by Pravin Prakash| Luxembourg | September 26, 2020 “Anything that causes the Negro to aspire to rise above the plow handle, the cook pot – in a word the functions of a servant — will be the worst thing on earth…

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The Prohibition of Employment of Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation (Amendment) Bill-Part II

Charter of Demands and Recommendations for the The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Written by Pragya Akhilesh|New Delhi|September 17, 2020 Although we know that this is not the first time a Bill on the practice…

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The Prohibition of Employment of Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation (Amendment) Bill-Part I

Part I of III: Objectives Resolution for the The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 In this Monsoon Session of Parliament the government is introducing The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation (Amendment)…

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Far from equal

Touted as progressive by many, the New Education Policy is stacked against the marginalised Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi communities and reinstates casteism in the education system Written by Prateek Gautam| Maharastra| September 14, 2020 On July 29, 2020, the Union Cabinet approved…

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Prof.Uday: Hany Babu stood for an equitable and more inclusive University

he spoke about a strange thing about the constitution that constitution gives us many rights but there are certain rights which are available to all as all human beings and there are certain rights which are available only to citizens and what he was trying to suggest that it looks as if those rights which seem to be available only to citizens are the ones which evoke public protests and he saw a certain kind of play of privilege and power in that very configuration


‘Voices of accused in Elgar case silenced’

TNN | Updated: Aug 30, 2020 MUMBAI: In an online event organised by People’s Union for Civil Liberties to commemorate two years since initial arrests were made in the Elgar Parishad case, activist and advocate Prashant Bhushan on Saturday said voices of…


It is not enough

It is not enough It’s two years since India decriminalised Section 377 but we are a long way from treating trans people as equals Written by Shauna James |Delhi |September 6, 2020 What started the debacle was a crime story. About a…

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Assam: On the edge of disaster

In addition to the floods and COVID-19, Assam’s Mising tribe is dealing with yet another crisis after a bout of swine fever killed a majority the state’s pig population This story is the second of the three-part series by Dalit Camera, which…


Joint Statement: Release Sharjeel Usmani

Release on August 25, 2020 It has been more than one month since Sharjeel Usmani, National secretary of Fraternity Movement and Anti-CAA Activist imprisoned in Aligarh Jail. He was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police from his house in Azamgarh on 8th…

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In Kerala: Between COVID and the Deep Sea

Honoured as Kerala’s Beloved Army for their rescue operations in 2018, Chellanam residents struggle to stay afloat amid the ongoing pandemic and floods this year By Ashfaque EJ| Kerala|August 24 As the floods ravaged Kerala in 2018, Shaji Thayil, along with a…


Emulation of the oppressor in the Sikh faith

There is an urgent need to reclaim the anti-caste philosophy of Sikh religion, which was founded on the principles of egalitarianism and equality among all By Kamalpreet Kaur|Hyderabad|August 21 It was on the day of Baisakhi in 1936 that Bhaskaran from Kerela converted to Sikhism. For the…

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Little Traditions and the Giant Lockdown

Arunachal Pradesh’s Adi community has revived the Pator tradition, which has parallels with the lockdown and social distancing practices introduced to battle coronavirus. But painting these two systems with the same brush would undermine the traditional aspects of Pator that are deeply meaningful…

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A Press Release by Ganatantrik Adhikar Surakhya Sangatan (GASS, Odisha) and Human Rights Forum (HRF, AP&Telangana) deplore arrest of Prof. Hany Babu

By Deba Ranjan (General Secretary, GASS, Odisha)/VS Krishna (HRF AP&TS Coordination Committee member)|30th July| Visakhapatnam          The Ganatantrik Adhikar Surakhya Sangatan (GASS, Odisha) and Human Rights Forum (HRF, AP&Telangan) strongly deplore the arrest in Mumbai of Prof. Hany Babu Musaliyarveettil Tharayil by…

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Condemn the arbitrary arrest of Prof. Hany Babu! Stop the witch-hunt of human rights defenders by the NIA! Immediately release all political prisoners!

July 28th 2020 The Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) condemns the arrest of Professor Hany Babu MT at Mumbai by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the Bhima Koregaon-Elgaar Parishad case. Despite the surging cases of COVID-19 in both Delhi…

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The burgeoning presence of Hindutva identity amongst the tribal and dalit communities of North Bengal

One of the most astounding examples of RSS helping create an ideological shift through its educational policies in a region, is its work done in Bengal’s famous Naxal cradle , the Naxalbari. Schools like Sarada Vidyamandir, in Naxalbari are examples of RSS’s ideological expansion in places historically known for radical leftist movements ….



Press Note from Vara Vara Rao’s Family|Hyderabad| July 12, 2020 We, the family members of Varavara Rao, world-renowned Telugu revolutionary poet and public intellectual, who is incarcerated in Navi Mumbai’s Taloja Jail, are very much worried about his deteriorating health. His health…

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#RajgruhaStandsTall: A Film

A film by Somnath Waghmare, Rahul J Bhise and Pranjali Kureel following the vandalism of Rajgruha, memorial and home of Babasaheb Ambedkar on July 7, 2020. The makers used footage that Waghmare had shot for his film Chaityabhoomi, (December 2019). Made by…

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Locating the Social: Revisiting Caste and Conversion in Meenakshipuram

The existing literature in India on Dalit conversion is mainly located around the discourses of social mobility in which the notion of social mobility is kept as the reference point of most of the conversion studies. This study is based on our field work in a small village of Tamilnadu- Meenakshipuram, where a large number of villagers converted into Islam in February 1981. This paper tries to view conversion as a method of complete separation from the ‘Social’ in Hindu social order through considering oneself as a ‘liberated body’. Here, we intend to locate the communitarian existence of converted bodies and its socio-political dynamics through the direct narrations of the converted people. Theology itself is understood through the narrations of the converted people and their interpretations of the sacred texts.

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Caste in Christianity

In the first conversion which happened in Kerala, a sizable proportion of the mass belonged to the Brahmin caste. Along with the Brahmins, the mass also included people from communities that were deemed to be the lower communities such as the Pulaya community. Despite the conversion to Christianity, caste-based identity politics continued to govern religious discourse. Upper Caste Christians had difficulty in accepting that their newly converted Christians counterparts were equal to them.

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Debri under Babri: Alternative claims to Ethical Indigeneity

Maurya follows a method of unconcealment of historical truth similar to the one developed by the Tamil Buddhist thinker Iyothee Thass. Thass was one of the earliest scholars who introduced a hermeneutic of suspicion, of meta-historical, Hindu civilisational reading of the subcontinent constructed by Orientalists. He insisted that a closer examination of many traditions (not all) codified as Hindu would reveal a Buddhist past.

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Why the police kills?

On the day protests erupted across Tamil Nadu against the brutal custody killing of the father-son duo, another report from Uttar Pradesh revealed that seven policemen yesterday were deemed innocent in the Hapur custodial death case. In the incident that took place in October last year, the police torture was witnessed by the victim’s 11-year-son.


Dalit Lives Also Matters

On May 27, an anti caste activist Arvind Bansod was found dead in suspicious conditions just minutes after he was beaten up by Hindu men belonging to the OBC ‘Kunbi’ community. Written by Prateek Gautam|Mumbai|June 28, 2020 It’s been four weeks since…

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Contemporary Practices of Pollution and Space Part 3-3

It is not accidental that the outcastes habitat is always located next to the garbage dumping area or the sewer, especially if the outcastes in question are associated with sanitary labour. The municipalities recruit members of the outcastes from specific neighbourhoodsto remove the filth and dirt from the urban space. These outcastes enter the urban space only as a cleaner of the streets, colleges, schools etc.

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Space and Caste: What has changed and what has not? Part 2: Self -Respect

Because this is what I call a “Caste Class” society, for the very reason that one’s caste status decides whether one can become an upper class/untouchable class or not. The right of the upper class/caste Hindus is to get unfree labour for their production and to keep their body and space away from ritual purity, while the untouchable class should provide only unfree labour and their only duty is to live for the Caste Hindu class and keep them away anything that would make them ritually impure.

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The thought of a Dalit has no value, so self-respect precedes #dalitlivesmatter Part 1-3

This is a story of how the idea that I built brick by brick to this day has been standing alone all this while. It started somewhere in A10, Basheer Hostel of EFLU, but it had come out in an intervention in Bilaspur House toilet while shiting on the beautiful western commode revamping my memories of anti-caste movement and scavenging and found that I have reached a dead end. This was the first thing that changed my research and life completely. We have a situation in India that scavenging continues and we continue to write about the negligence of the state and civil society.

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Delhi Police says ‘police brutality’ never happened in Jamia. How did I lose my eyesight then? the injured student responds

“It is highly unacceptable that no coercive action was used against the innocent students studying in the university as they beat the students without any interrogation as evident in the CCTV footage and I personally witnessed it in which I lost my left eye permanently. I want justice” Minhajuddin added.

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Have Naxals infiltrated the BJP in Dantewada?

Dantewada Superintendent of Police Abhishek Pallava told PTI that police have arrested Vice President of BJP’s Dantewada district unit, Jagat Puri and Ramesh Usendi (32) for attempting to supply a tractor to Naxals. According to news reports, police had received information that…

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MODI AND A BEER: THE MICRO POLITICS OF DOMINATIONS Critical analysis of the Tamil short film

Power conflicts reach its peak and manifests fully, as the dialogue revolves around marriage. Sruthi says, “I never imagined that ‘my family’ would say yes to an intercaste marriage”. This statement spites Arun, who feels she had insulted both his family and community. He understands it as an expression of ‘caste pride’ alive inside her.