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Justice Karnan case: Human Rights Security Council appeals to UNO

Human Rights Security Council, India has filed a case at UNO for "direction to Republic of India to register case against seven Judges of Supreme Court including Chief Justice J. S. Khehar under sec. 218,219,220,201,166, 120(B),34 of I.P. C. and also action under Contempt of Courts Act" for convicting JUSTICE KARNAN without following the due process of law as guaranteed under Art. 14 & 21 of the constitution of India and Article 9(1) of the "United Nations Covenant on Civil Rights, 1966 & Art. 3, 9 , Cl. 10 of Universal Declaration 1948", and for acting in utter disregard and defiance of binding precedents of Supreme Court for ulterior and oblique motive.
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