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Duddu Prabhakar on RSS-BJP forces murdering Muslims & Dalit-Bahujans for eating beef


Duddu Prabhakar talks about the hatred and extremism being promoted by RSS-BJP forces against Muslims and Dalit-Bahujans for eating beef, resulting in their murders.

We got beef biryani packets from Pathabasti and we were all eating beef biryani as we gathered for a meeting. ABVP people came, there was media too. ABVP people vandalized the NTV vehicle. They came to attack us when we were eating beef. Not only here. Even at EFLU. In EFLU, they were cooking beef. It’s not cow meat. Beef means the meat of an ox. It could be a buffalo, a bull, an ox or anything. When people are being attacked for eating food, when eating food is life threatening, then why won’t RSS-BJP flag fly in universities? Be it RSS, BJP or Hindutva, people are scared to even talk about them. Why? Because they have killed people like Kalburgi, who was an intellectual and an ex-Vice Chancellor. People are scared thinking what might happen if they say something. The Hindu ideology has turned people into extremists. They label Muslims as Pakistani agents and Christians as American agents, and call them foreigners, to raise hatred amongst people against them. It has gone to such an extent that if anyone says anything, they are labelled as Pakistani agents and Hindutva opponents.

They are like, “How dare you kill our cow mother and eat the meat!” It happened in Noida near Delhi. A priest says that someone is killing cows and selling their meat. The extremists get incited, attack the father and son, as a result of which the father dies. After that, the police went and filed a case on those who killed the cow. They filed a case on those who killed a cow but not on those who killed a human-being. Not only that, instead of filing a case on those who killed the man, they sent the meat for testing whether it is cow meat. After the test, the result came that it is not cow meat. Now the son is asking, “You killed my father saying it’s cow meat. Now it has been proved that it is not cow meat. What is the value of my father’s life? Now bring back my father’s life.” They are like, they killed a cow, so you should kill them. Not just here. Even in Jhajjar in Haryana, 5 Dalits bought skins of cows and were taking them in a van. Somebody spread a rumor that they killed a cow and were taking the skin. That’s it. They closed the railway gate at the level crossing and killed them with knives there itself in front of the police. Such atrocious behavior. This is very dangerous. A stage of fear has come.

Now, we are there, if we are not Christians or Muslims, we are labelled as Hindus; not only now, this has been happening since middle ages. After the Muslims invaded India, whoever is not a Muslim is labelled a Hindu, whether you like it or not, even if you’re an atheist. People like Kalburgi, Pansare, Dabholkar are neither Christians nor Muslims, nor are they Hindus. Even if you’re a Hindu following Hindu ideology, it is enough if you’re not an extremist. If a Hindu questions, “what is this, why are you killing like this?” they are labelled as anti-Hindu. Even for a Hindu, it has become scary to exhibit any human values. If a Hindu expresses any human values, the person is labelled anti-Hindu and it even comes to killing the person. People are scared what might happen if they say something about Hindu religion. If someone who is a follower of Hinduism and is a humanist asks, “what is this stupidity, how can you kill like that?” that person can be killed. People are scared what might happen if they talk against Hinduism. This is not good for a democracy. It is dangerous.

Duddu Prabhakar, Dalit rights activist and President of Kula Nirmulana Porata Samithi (KNPS).

Video: Ravichandran Bathran, Transcription: Anusha Chaitanya